We aim to develop our cadets' leadership skills from day one. After a few years' experience and some training, some of our cadets will have what it takes to lead others and join the cadet non-commission officer (NCO) team as a cadet corporal - with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest cadet rank - that of cadet warrant officer.

Whilst becoming an NCO is by no means guaranteed, all our cadets have access to leadership training throughout their cadet career.  Exercises are run as part of our training programme to enable us to spot those with the potential for NCO rank as well as nurturing those who may need some help in coming out of their shell.  Without a doubt, every cadet that leaves us does so a more confident and well-rounded individual.

At a Wing level, leadership training takes the form of NCO training courses for both junior and senior cadet NCOs, whereas nationally the Air Cadet Leadership Courses (ACLC) take place annually with places open to cadets from around the country. The toughest test for cadet NCOs is the Junior Leader course (JL) which runs during weekends over several months, culminating in a week-long test phase.